Bad credit loans from direct lenders -Loans with bad credit: high approval rates

Astro Finance, a bank of the Credither group, is always attentive to the consumer credit market and offers many products that adapt to the different needs of its customers. Indeed, following the evolution of today’s society and the market, Astro Finance has launched a new personal loan whose process is carried out 100% via the internet. Operating online is the new frontier of banks, so in fact, it is possible to simplify a good part of the procedure, leaving the customer the possibility of sending documents electronically and thus saving on all costs related to the preliminary investigation phase of the case.

The bank, coming into play directly at the time of the assessment, manages to greatly simplify its work. The credit institution, benefiting from the savings obtained thanks to this procedure, succeeds at the same time in proposing to its customer’s particularly convenient operations, thus making the consumer participate in the savings obtained.

Loans with bad credit: high approval rates

As we said, the main feature of this loan lies in its procedural process, which can be managed completely online thanks to the digital signature. The customer, in fact, can autonomously connect to the reference page and start with the simulations through the automatic estimator. Once the loan has been set through the parameters of the amount, duration and / or amount of the installment, you can fill in the form with the applicant’s details. Subsequently, the contract can be signed thanks to the digital signature to then send the income documentation useful for the evaluation of the practice.

The loan with bad credit can be used to purchase a new or used car, to purchase land, a garage or to renovate a home, family ceremonies or modernization of household appliances, so visit now >>> and apply for this loan today.

Fundamental requirements

Fundamental requirements

The online personal loan, while remaining open to everyone, is aimed at a young, dynamic clientele that is familiar with online payments, file management and correspondence. The fundamental requirements to request it are:

  • Age between 18 and 75 years
  • Being in possession of a digital signature device
  • Demonstrable income
  • Residence in the Italian territory
  • Ownership of a bank account

The loan has the following characteristics:

The loan has the following characteristics:

  • The amount can be requested from 1,000 to 60,000 USD
  • Total financing of the project
  • Loan payable also on the current account of other banking institutions (disbursement by bank transfer)
  • Refund with debit on the current account
  • Installment exchange option
  • Installment skip option

The options “installment changing” and “jumps installment” follow the rules dictated by Astro Finance on the loan “Comevoglio” already as a reference time point and pivot of the whole range Astro Finance loans. More detailed information is available on the official Comevoglio page.

We now report some simulations carried out with the automatic estimator made available by Astro Finance.

Used car 8,000 USD No 36 months 9.45% 9.87% 256.10 USD
Ceremonies and family events 15,000 USD No 72 months 8.76% 9.12% 268.60 USD
Renovations 23,000 USD No 84 months 8.75% 9.11% 367.20 USD
Land purchase 47,500 USD No 108 months 9.45% 9.87% 654.70 USD

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