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However, there are offers that do not require such insurance. We will find such an offer, among others, in Berlon Loan Orland Personal Credit. It is a universal bank with headquarters located in Warsaw. The bank was created through the merger of Orland Personal Credit.. The bank ranks seventh in Poland in terms of asset value. The current president of the bank is Tomasz Bogus. As part of the BGŻ Orland Personal Credit offer, we can use Ferdies Loan without insurance. Let’s check in more detail on what conditions this offer works and whether it is beneficial.

Many loans, especially for a high amount, require adequate insurance

Ferdies Loan without insurance offered by BGŻ Orland Personal Credit is an offer in which the credit decision is made very quickly after submitting the loan application. The withdrawal itself is on the same day. As part of this offer, the bank is able to borrow up to PLN 120,000 to new customers. This is a very large sum for a new customer whom the bank has not yet met. We can count on a commission that starts from 5.5% and on non-standard repayment periods for our liability.

Individual customers can receive an amount of ten thousand zlotys online by completing a loan application and placing an electronic signature. The maximum loan period is eighty-four months. Let’s analyze the specific situation.

Cheap credit can be taken without leaving your home via the internet

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We take a loan of PLN 10,600. The bank calculated the actual Annual Interest Rate of 13.89% for us. It is not very high. We decide to pay back the loan in 67 equal installments. The bank will calculate for us each installment of PLN 223.84. The annual fixed interest rate is 8.49%.

Based on these data, the total amount that we will return to the bank is PLN 14997.21. In addition, apart from the total loan amount, we have interest in the amount of PLN 2887.39, a commission charged by the bank for granting a loan in the amount of PLN 530 and the cost of insuring the loan throughout the loan period in the amount of PLN 979.82.

The offer is quite interesting. The cost of credit may be high, but you have to take into account that the loan period itself is very long. When spreading a loan over many months, you must be aware that the longer the loan period, the higher the cost of your loan. Banks earn in this way and can stay on the market.


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