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A non-bank loan over the internet is a good solution for people who need not only quick cash, but also a greater distribution of expenditure in installments. Among the available offers we will find a proposal for both individual clients and entrepreneurs. If someone asks the question whether there is a non-bank loan for those in debt, we have an answer for him. What else is behind the online non-bank loan offers? Let’s see!

Online non-bank loans

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There is unplanned expenditure in your budget and the wallet is empty? Since quick online non-bank loans have appeared on the financial market, getting the cash you need has become extremely easy. Many lenders guarantee their clients that all formalities are completed even within a few minutes. Some of them declare that after a quarter of an hour from submitting the application we will be able to enjoy the money in the account. Impossible? We checked the credibility of these assurances by testing the offers of some companies.

An example of a company guaranteeing cash in 15 minutes can be tested by us Wonga , which offers both long-term and short-term liabilities. Considering the fact that we received the payday loan after 18 minutes, we can trust that in the case of an installment loan it would be the same.   

Non-bank loans via the Internet

By tracking changes on the Polish financial market and trying to respond to the needs of clients, lenders at some point decided to transfer their activities to the internet. Most companies have completely abandoned stationary or home-based services. It might seem that for some customers this can be a big obstacle, but ultimately, non-bank installment loans over the internet have grown in strength and have taken an important place in the world of finance.

Why do Poles reach for non-bank installment loans online? People are losing patience very quickly these days. Nobody wants to spend long hours in queues or do endless formalities. Therefore, in the face of the financial crisis, when we need money for already, the simplest solution seems to be filling out a short online form and express credit decision. Many clients of loan companies reach for this type of financing after the bank has rejected their application. A fast non-bank loan over the internet is often characterized by less stringent criteria, and thus also more granting

Installment non-bank loan

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There are two basic types of financial support in the non-banking sector. They differ in the length of the loan period. One of them is payday loans, as the name suggests, they have a short term. Traditionally, it is 30 days. The second one is non-bank installment loans, which, by dividing the total amount to be repaid into equal parts, guarantee the opportunity to relieve our finances and adjust the installment to the household budget. It is also worth mentioning that depending on the company we choose, we can meet with a weekly or monthly installments system. We ourselves have to choose the right solution for us, but remember that weekly payments to the lender’s account are associated with slightly higher costs.

A simple example of differences in costs can be a Provident non-bank installment loan . If we decide to contract PLN 2,000 for 90 weeks, which gives 22 and a half months, we will be obliged to pay PLN 3,834.99. This offer seems attractive compared to a 24-month loan when the final repayment amount is PLN 4,020.22. However, if we add the missing one and a half, or six weekly installments to the 22 and a half months, it turns out that the total cost will be PLN 4091.52. This means that the weekly repayment is at least PLN 70 more expensive. In a word, the key in this case will be home service, which increases the cost of the loan, and thus the liability repaid within 96 weeks will be even higher. Why? An additional amount will be added for each consultant’s visit to our home.

Non-bank cash loans

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Cash loans are becoming an increasingly popular way of financing our needs not only because of the minimum of formalities, but also the ability to allocate money for any purpose. We do not have to explain to the lender what we will finance from the cash received. However, the results of the research commissioned by ARC Rynek and Opinion by Profi Credit do not bring us any surprises. Poles’ habits have not changed for years. This means that with money, especially from installment loans, we still finance the same expenses.

The first place is home appliances / electronics. Installment purchases are becoming more and more popular among Poles. This allows us to spread out one larger expense. In addition, the option of matching the number of installments to our budget reduces the risk of problems with repayment obligations. Some borrowers use this method of financing their purchases to improve their credit history rating. Immediately after electronics / household appliances, payment of basic needs and repayment of already active financial liabilities dominates among women. Men, on the other hand, prefer pleasure. They use non-bank cash loans or cash loans to buy cars, real estate or holidays.

Non-bank loan without certificates

The lenders’ offers also include products targeted at specific groups of potential borrowers. One of them are people looking for a minimum of formalities. A non-bank loan without certificates gives us such a guarantee. This means that we will not have to provide the lender with any additional documents from the employer. We will remain completely anonymous borrowers in the workplace, and thus we do not have to worry about rumors or other problems related to getting such information into the wrong hands.

Very often, loans without certificates are also called loans for proof, because in such cases you only need to fill in a few additional fields regarding our financial situation and have an identity document. We will be asked to provide: workplace, form of employment, education, income and expenses, number of dependents or similar information.

Non-bank loan without creditworthiness

While we are waiting for a credit decision, the lender usually checks our creditworthiness. In addition to the information we provide in the application, it is also affected by our history of previously incurred financial liabilities. We will be checked in the debtors’ bases, which is very often the basis for the final decision of the lender. However, among the loan companies there will also be those that offer other solutions to their clients. Everyone can have a mistake, a moment of forgetfulness. Therefore, sometimes it is possible to take out a loan without BIK. You must have income to cover your monthly installment without any problems. In such situations, great emphasis is placed on confirming the credibility of earnings.

Non-bank loan for those in debt

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Loan companies check their clients in the database of debtors. Among them are such institutions as: Credit Information Bureau (BIK), Economic Information Bureau (BIG), National Debt Register (KRD), ERIF, Polish Bank Association (ZBP) or Credit Check industry register. In many cases, if we have any negative entries in these databases, we have no chance of receiving financial support. However, there is a solution to this problem. Looking at the growing debt among Poles, some lenders decided to give debtors the option of getting help. As a result, loans with a guarantor / resident were created.
One such company is KonkretnaKasa , which offers its clients the option of applying for up to PLN 25,000 for 60 months. The decision can come even within 24 hours. Much depends on how quickly the applicant and guarantor receive a call from the company’s consultant. The lender guarantees the possibility of receiving the necessary money, despite the bad BIK. It is enough that our guarantor is between 25 and 75 years old, has no problems with repayment of obligations and has stable employment. In turn, the borrower:

  • must be at least 18 years old,
  • live in Poland,
  • cannot have active proceedings for a declaration of consumer bankruptcy,
  • and obtain sufficient income to pay back the liability.

The best non-bank loan

When it comes to choosing the best non-bank loan, it is impossible to say unequivocally which will be most beneficial for everyone. However, we decided to meet the challenge and every month we choose from the available database 10 according to our specialists the best offers. The effect of our work is visible in the Monthly Loans Ranking. It is worth noting that when analyzing loans, many factors influence the choice of leaders. Each of us has different needs and financial capabilities, we differ in age, income and size of households. That is why every potential borrower should analyze their home budget before choosing an offer. Then, based on expert analyzes and rankings, decide which non-bank loan online will be best for him.


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