The Italian economy and the real estate sector continue to grow in 2017

The country’s economic growth continues , albeit at a more contained pace : Istat reveals this in the monthly note for December 2017. The indicator continues to increase, suggesting a consolidation of the economy’s growth rate.

The positive trend is also recorded at the international level

Related to the recovery in oil prices. The euro area consolidates the growth phase even if the third quarter shows a slight deceleration (it goes from + 0.7% in the second quarter to +0.6 of the third).

In our country, positive signs are recorded both in the manufacturing sector, with production and export growth, and for the labor market , on which the weak reduction in unemployment and the increase in inactive people, however, weighs. Inflationary pressures contained.

The growth of the construction sector remains limited

The seasonally adjusted index of October 2017 recorded a + 0.4%, while the average of the third quarter increased by + 1.2% compared to the previous quarter. On an annual basis, again in October, the construction production index recorded an increase of 3.2%. The material price of residential buildings increased by + 0.9%.

The real estate sector also recorded a positive trend for 2017, even though we saw a slowdown in the growth rate. From 2014 to 2016 there was a real exploit with the recovery of the entire residential sector. Milan continues to stand out: between renovations and tourism, the houses have been revalued since 1998, in nominal terms, of 57.8%, in the central areas of 104.6%.

Marking, for the first three quarters


In 2017, growth declined , marking, for the first three quarters, + 8.6%, + 3.8% and 1.5%. Also the sales confirm the positive data, with a +8.6 in the first quarter of 2017 and of 3.5% in the second.

Therefore the forecasts on the future of the real estate sector hypothesized by the experts seem to be confirmed. This is the link to access the Istat monthly note for December 2017. Discover news on mortgages and transfers of the fifth with Good Finance.

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